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Tropical pitcher plant and biomimetics

Hierarchical anti-adhesive surfaces by mimiking insect traps - von Prof. Stanislav N. Gorb, Prof. Martin Steinhart

Carnivorous plants, among them tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes spp.), have always fascinated people due to their remarkable ability to feed on animals and have constantly drawn the attention of researches as soon as new species were discovered. During past decades, different aspects of Nepenthes biology, among them the structure and functions of trapping organs (pitchers), particularly with respect to their trapping efficiency, have been the focus...

Efficiency gains in day-to-day lab work

Innovating with the customer - von Dr Oliver Mell

At this year's analytica, Merck Millipore's exhibition was all about the customer. The life sciences division at Merck KGaA positions itself as a strategic partner, dedicates its work as one of the three leading R&D investors for products in the life sciences industry to furthering progress in this highly forward-looking sector.

A new application for microscopy

Non-Invasive Cancer Diagnosis - von Dr Leo Habets

Cancer has been a part of human life from our earliest days. In research conducted by Aachen-based oncologist Dr Leo Habets, a non-invasive, microscope-based diagnostic procedure has the potential to revolutionise research and progress in understanding the circumstances of the disease, so as to ­develop new therapeutic approaches. Microscope-based high-content screening systems in basic clinical research: can a non-­invasive procedure replace the...

Safe operation of laboratories

Requirements for the Technical Equipment - von David Miller

Safety and energy efficiency are today principal requirements for the ­technical equipment of labs. The safety of people in the workplace is of ­paramount importance and must be ensured at all times. This is particularly true for workplaces which are exposed to increased risks. This article ­describes the role of the ventilation and air conditioning technology in such an environment.

Extraction of the Double Helix

In the center of molecular biology is one species of molecules: DNA. DNA molecules are amplified and introduced into organisms by transformation or transfection, separated, stained, examined under the microscope, manipulated, sequenced and so on. For all these techniques the initial step is to isolate DNA from the origin of interest - and there is an endless number of DNA sources: soil, water, even air, body fluids (e.g. blood, sperm, and saliva),...

More reproducible retention times

Best HPLC-Chromatograms - von Dr Andrea Junker-Buchheit

The high health hazard potential of many ­organic solvents is well known to anyone working in a laboratory. Solvent vapours ­can not only endanger people’s health, but also increase the fire and explosion risks for laboratories and buildings, in addition to causing air pollution. This is also the case for analytical and preparative HPLC laboratories.

Mysterious mycoplasma – a question of culture?!

Firstly reported in 1956 (Robinson et al. 1956), the potential presence of mycoplasma in cell culture laboratories challenges scientists. The parasitic mycoplasmas represent a serious problem for all cell line-related fields in research as well as in industrial facilities for development or manufacture of cell-derived biological and pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, drugs, and products for gene and cell therapy. Still,...

New highly expandable platform for live cell imaging

A Higher Level of Live Cell Research

Designed with the scientist’s workflow in mind the innovative new IX3 ­series of inverted research microscope systems from Olympus are ­developed for effortless, intuitive live cell imaging and clinical analysis. Built using worldwide customer feedback and designed to meet the needs of a wide range of users, the new systems offer exceptional ease-of-use and unprecedented optical flexibility via a new, customisable light path. New components can...