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Developments in analytical techniques in the academic field

New century... old challenges - von Ass. Prof. Dr. José C. Rodrigues

In 1897, J.J. Thomson presented the world’s first particle accelerator, along with what would become, years later, the initial mass detector. Following develop­ments in the 1940s, the equipment developed at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in 1912 was destined to, revolutionise analytical chemistry. For his discovery of ‘negatively charged corpuscles’, which we now call the ­electron, Thomson was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in...

Organic electronics for sensor applications

Served on a chip - von Dr Michael Thomschke

Intelligent, portable medical equipment is essential for the provision of rapid and straightforward point-of-care patient diagnostics. In an emergency, lab-on-chip applications in portable devices can help to save valuable time and cut the costs of clinical laboratory analysis. Other application areas in non-invasive medical monitoring such as pulse oximetry also stand to benefit [1].

lab&more in conversation with Dr Stefan Lamotte, Research Scientist, Separation Science & Hyphenated Techniques, Competence Center Analytics, BASF SE

Wanted: Universal detectability - von Dr Stefan Lamotte

Analytical procedures in the laboratory span a variety of chromatographic techniques such as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and capillary electrophoresis (CE). Samples analyzed in the laboratory by HPLC are often non-volatile and without a chromophor, thus common UV detectors are not suitable. Alternatively, more universal detectors, based on aerosol techniques such...

New High Purity Grade of Solvents for UHPLC-MS Instrumentation

Fisher Chemical Optima UHPLC-MS solvents designed to reduce background signal and increase sensitivity for rapid trace analysis

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – ASMS2015 – (June 1, 2015) – New, exceptionally pure mobile phase solvents for ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (UHPLC-MS) instruments have been designed to reduce background signal and minimize chromatographic interferences, facilitating accurate, sensitive and rapid trace analysis.

New Tribrid Mass Spectrometer with Improved Sensitivity Redefines the Limits of Protein and Small Molecule Quantitation and Characterization

Delivering new levels of performance and usability for the most challenging research applications

ST. LOUIS, MO – ASMS Conference – (June 1, 2015) - Scientists performing advanced research in proteomics, biopharma, and metabolism/metabolomics can now test new limits of detection, characterization and quantitation with the latest tribrid mass spectrometer.

Sasai’s Death

von Prof. Dr Paul G. Layer

It was a Tuesday morning in early August. I’d just returned to my office from a trip to the US. I’d been at an eye conference, ISER 2014 in San Francisco, where I’d heard about recent work in growing human retinal tissue from stem cells. Still reeling from all the new data and numbed by jetlag, I’m trying to marshal my thought processes, writing endless mails to colleagues and making a pig’s ear of my travel expense forms. As I am putting...

Take a look at HPLC 2014 New Orleans

Check out what's new at HPLC 2014 New Orleans, the largest global, multidisciplinary Liquid-phase Separations Conference & Expo of the Year! This exciting event covers all areas of liquid-phase separations in multiple disciplines and features strong content, expanded program of the world's experts, training programs, poster sessions, largest comprehensive exhibition of its kind, and abundant networking opportunities! If you want to learn about new...

Brain models in 3D

labor&more in conversation with Dr Madeline Lancaster, winner of the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators 2014

US research scientist Dr Madeline A. Lancaster (Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Juergen Knoblich lab, Institute for Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna) has been presented with the Eppendorf Award for Young European Investigators 2014 in recognition of her outstanding achievements in research.


The largest Pharmacy event in Middle East

Dubai International Pharmaceuticals & Technologies Conference & Exhibition once again claimed its rightful place as the premier international conference and exhibition of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Middle East. The event offered opportunity to discover the latest innovations and ideas from over 420 international manufactures from more than 73 countries. It also provided indepth coverage of key issues facing the industry through interactive...

Technische Universitaet (TU) Darmstadt furthers its connections by opening a new liaison office in Shanghai

Bridge to China - von Isabelle Harbrecht

International exchange and cooperation are becoming more and more important in the higher education sector; universities are competing globally for the brightest minds. China, one of Germany’s most important economic and political partners and a country that traditionally values education, has set the development of its vast human resources as a strategic goal. During the 12th Five-Year-Plan, government reached its goal of spending 4% of the annual...

The analytica China Conference offers solution approaches for contamination of all kinds

Science we need

The People's Republic of China faces a number of challenges such as in the production and packaging of food, the quality control of drugs, air pollution in large cities, and diseases of modern society such as diabetes mellitus. These and other topics will be the focus of this year's analytica China Conference, the title of which is "Analytical chemistry – Science we need". The conference takes place in Shanghai at the same time as analytica China,...

CPhI and P-MEC India

India Report Expected to Offer Insights into Booming Market

India’s pharmaceutical market is forecast to become the sixth largest in the world by 2020 with profits reaching $55 billion, according to the India Brand Equity Foundation. In particular, generics are a large portion of this market. Currently representing 72 percent of India’s pharma revenues, the demand is largely a direct result of countries around the world seeking to reduce healthcare costs. As the newly elected Indian government enacts healthcare...

Efficiency gains in day-to-day lab work

Innovating with the customer - von Dr Oliver Mell

At this year's analytica, Merck Millipore's exhibition was all about the customer. The life sciences division at Merck KGaA positions itself as a strategic partner, dedicates its work as one of the three leading R&D investors for products in the life sciences industry to furthering progress in this highly forward-looking sector.