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Viruses in the water

Detection and analysis of human viral pathogens in surface waters - von Dr. Lars Jurzik, Mats Leifels

Alongside the development of methods for quantifying human viral pathogens in surface and waste waters, a key role is also played by the analysis of the resultant data. While drinking water supplies must be safeguarded on the one hand, the public must also be able to pursue waterrelated recreation activities without fearing health risks.

Safe operation of laboratories

Requirements for the Technical Equipment - von David Miller

Safety and energy efficiency are today principal requirements for the ­technical equipment of labs. The safety of people in the workplace is of ­paramount importance and must be ensured at all times. This is particularly true for workplaces which are exposed to increased risks. This article ­describes the role of the ventilation and air conditioning technology in such an environment.

Food safety: new approaches to analysis

Sure, it tastes good - von Prof. Dr Dr Alfonso Lampen, Dr Thorsten Buhrke, Hermann Broll

Food safety is a requirement stipulated by Section 14 of EU Basic Regu­lation (EC) No. 178/2004. Food safety monitoring activities conducted by state inspection agencies ensure nationwide compliance with the high levels of food safety in Germany. As well as monitoring microbial loads in foodstuffs, the agencies also focus on a wide range of chemical contaminants, such as dioxins. Whether the foodstuffs have been contaminated with these kinds of potentially...

More reproducible retention times

Best HPLC-Chromatograms - von Dr Andrea Junker-Buchheit

The high health hazard potential of many ­organic solvents is well known to anyone working in a laboratory. Solvent vapours ­can not only endanger people’s health, but also increase the fire and explosion risks for laboratories and buildings, in addition to causing air pollution. This is also the case for analytical and preparative HPLC laboratories.