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The conference hosted more than 144 Scientific lectures and were delivered by 140 speakers. The conference was designed to upgrade the knowledge of the pharmacists to new developments in the pharmaceutical industry. The conference also focused on enhancing the development of the pharmacist to meet the expectation of the patients in the evolving role of the pharmacists. The speakers who included deans, university professors, consultants and officials from prestigious pharmaceutical associations, presented on the below topics

• Future perspectives in Pharmacy

• New Developments in Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Managing Antimicrobial Resistance in UAE: Lessons Learned
• Enhancing Pharmaceutical Care Services

• The Way forward- Global Partnership & Governance

• New Perspectives in Pharmacy Services

• Challenges in Pharmacy Practice

• Expanding the Role of Pharmacist

• Safety Issues in Pharmacy Practice

• Credentials and applications in Pharmacy Practice

• Enhancing the Role of Pharmacist

• Innovation and Leadership in Pharmacy Education

• Antimicrobial Therapy Update

• Advanced Hospital Pharmacy

• Pharmacotherapy Update

• Advanced Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

• Medication Safety

• Nanotechnology and its industrial Application

• Pharmacists and Proper research Conduct


DUPHAT hosted 30 workshops which focused on specialized topics which the enhanced the knowledge and working skills of delegates. This year the workshops focused on topics that included Patient- Pharmacist communication, pharmacodynamics, Post graduate and training opportunities. Special Managerial workshops on Leadership Development and Change Management.

Poster Presentation

Call to submit posters attracted over 500 posters from both professionals and undergraduates. The posters covered topics researched and were a great source of discussion and knowledge sharing. Over 25 institutions from around the globe participated in the event.


The exhibits covered an area of over 10000sqm. World’s top 10 pharma companies along with other pharma companies displayed their products. DUPHAT provided an excellent platform to launch new products, and build new clientele. Pavilions from China, Turkey, Georgia featured in the exhibition.