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Scientist > Dr Markus Eickmann

Dr Markus Eickmann

// is Head of the BSL-4 Containment Lab at Phillips University Marburg

// His fields of research include biology and the diagnosis of high consequence viruses

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

Ebola outbreak in West Africa

A mysterious fever - von Dr Thomas Strecker, Dr Gordian Schudt, Dr Svenja Wolff, Anne Kelterbaum, Dr Markus Eickmann, Prof. Dr Stephan Becker

In early March this year, deep in the forest region of southeast Guinea, cases started to accumulate for a mysterious fever that claimed many lives among its sufferers. Muscle pain, high fever, vomiting and severe diarrhoea – all symptoms that doctors often observe in Africa's hospitals, but this time, all attempts to treat them proved futile.