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Luise Herrmann

// graduated in food chemistry from the University of Hamburg in 2010

// Her Diplom thesis investigated the use of protein patterns to differentiate between wheat and spelt ­samples

// Following graduation, she divided work in her practical year between Nantes (France) and Hamburg

// Since May 2011, she has been studying for her doctoral degree at the University of ­Hamburg's Institute for Food Chemistry

// Her work focuses on verifying the authenticity of cocoa varieties, and designing DNA-based methods to differentiate between the fine/flavour cocoa Arriba and the bulk cocoa CCN 51

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

The utility of the chloroplast genome in verifying food authenticity: a case study looking at Ecuadorian fine/flavour cocoa

Fine flavours - von Luise Herrmann, Prof. Dr Markus Fischer

Chocolate and other cocoa-based products have long been popular foodstuffs, associated as they are with ­pleasure and enjoyment of the finer things in life. If we think for a minute about the product design, the choice ­of packaging – and also the price – of some dark chocolate brands, we can see how these are promoted as premium products, just as is the case for other foods such as wine or coffee. Accordingly, consumers often find that cocoa-based...