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Dr Michael Hess

// studied agricultural science at Technische Universität München (Weihenstephan campus) and received his doctorate in phytomedicine from the Chair of Phytopathology

// After a ­period of working in the plant protection industry, he returned to the Chair in 2003, where he has since managed several national and international projects and joint ventures connecting basic research and applications

// As a principal investigator in ­epidemiology, his work focuses on the diagnosis and control of diseases affecting cereals, maize, ­cucumbers and peas

// This research involves ­expanding existing plant protection systems while also modifying them to face the new challenges of changing economic conditions and climate change

// Since 2006 he is focussing in particular on the end-to-end quality management of brewer’s barley, from cultivation through to final processing

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

How can we safeguard the quality of our beer?

From the barley to the bottle - von Prof. Dr Michael Rychlik, Katharina Hofer, Dr Martina Gastl, Katharina Habler, Cajetan Geißinger, Dr Michael Hess

Beer is an integral part of German culture. Not only because of the German "Beer Purity Law" (Reinheitsgebot) it is that we associate the drink with ­concepts such as “traditional”, “wholesome” and “additive-free”. As a cereal product, however, beer is subject to the same conditions that affect the cultivation, storage and ­processing of other cereal crops. One of the problems with which almost all ­cereal products are confronted is...