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Dr Hans-Georg Eisenwiener

// born in 1939, studied physical chemistry at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz

// After his doctorate, he increasingly focused on medical diagnosis and took over management of the neurology lab of the university clinic in Göttingen, before entering the diagnosis section of ­F. Hoffmann-­­La Roche in Basel, which was then under develop­ment

// He was responsible for the R&D-department of the diagnosis section with the wide product range of clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, microbiology, blood clotting and analysis automation there

// After a reorganisation, he looked for new diagnostic parameters and determination methods outside of the ­department

// Since his retirement, he has ­become a consultant for introduction and commercialisation of new diagnosis parameters and point-­of-care technologies

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

Nano Crystals for mega Fluorescence Amplification

SuperNova in the test tube - von Prof Dr Reinhard Renneberg, Jan Engels, Dr Hans-Georg Eisenwiener

We tell the exciting story of how mega ­fluorescence amplification was ­invented. ­
First, there was the question: How can ­previous biochemical evidence reactions ­be ­amplified million-fold to detect the bio­­chemical “needles in a haystack” (substances ­at very low concentrations) in a multicomponent system like a blood sample?