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Scientist > Prof. Dr Frank Müh

Prof. Dr Frank Müh

// studied chemistry at the Technical University of Berlin

// After receiving his doctorate in biophysical chemistry and the study of photosynthesis, he expanded his interests to include work in theoretical research

// He is currently Assistant Professor for Theoretical Physics at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria)

// His primary research interests include light harvesting in photosynthesis, ­organic solar cells, the statistics of single-­molecule processes, self-aggregation phenomena and the crystallisation of membrane proteins

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

Tracking down the secrets of photosynthesis

Mini solar power stations - von Prof. Dr Athina Zouni, Prof. Dr Frank Müh

During photosynthesis, water is converted into oxygen, transforming sunlight ­into ­chemically usable energy. The precise details of the mechanisms behind this solar-­powered splitting of water remain ­unknown and are now being ­investigated with advanced techniques in structural analysis. ­­This work ­requires the availability of high-quality crystals of the all-important protein complex, photosystem II, whose ­ growth poses several challenges...