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Elena Leeb

// graduated with an M.Sc. in Nutrition and Biomedicine from the School of Life Sciences, TU München

// is currently studying for her doctorate as a research assistant in the Department of Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology, where her work focuses on the targeted enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins and the subsequent fractionation of the hydrolysates to obtain peptides for technological and biofunctional applications

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

Fractionation of functional peptides with ion-­exchange membrane adsorption chromatography

Separation via binding - von Prof. Dr Ulrich Kulozik, Elena Leeb

By deploying specific proteases for the enzymatic hydro­lysis of proteins, the release of peptides can be controlled. This process ­can be used to produce functional peptides, which may exhibit an ability to reduce blood pressure or have a surface-active function. The deployment of biofunctional peptides in food as an “added value” is only ­possible at sufficiently effective concentrations, ­however. Accordingly, processes are required that...