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Dr Harald F. Hofbauer

// studied chemistry at the University of Graz, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, and obtained his doctorate there in 2012 within the “Molecular Enzymology” PhD programme in the Kohlwein lab

// Following several periods of research abroad at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Susan A. Henry lab) and postdoctoral research work in the Kohlwein lab, Harald Hofbauer is currently working in the Ernst lab at Goethe University Frankfurt’s Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences

// Here, his research interests are currently focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying fatty acid-induced lipotoxicity

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

The critical role of fatty acid channeling between membrane and storage lipids

When lipid meta­bolism breaks down - von Prof. Dr Sepp D. Kohlwein, Dr Neha Chauhan, Dr Harald F. Hofbauer

Although as thin as the skin of a soap bubble, they are nonetheless vitally ­important. Biological membranes, 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, ­form a physiological barrier to all the cells in our body and are thus responsible for mediating exchanges between the cell interior and the external environment. Minor changes to their composition, such as those involved in lipid meta­bolism disorders, can have fatal consequences for events within...