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Dr Philipp Brüning

// studied food chemistry at the University of Hamburg

// After receiving his doctorate from the Institute of Food Chemistry at the University of Hamburg he then completed his Second State Examination at the Institute of Hygiene and the Environment

// He joined Eurofins WEJ Conta­minants GmbH in 2011 and has been head of the ­Nanotechnology Dept. since 2013

// He also chairs the “Nanomaterials” working group in the German Food Chemistry Society (LChG)

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

What can analytics tell us?

Nanoparticles in food - von Dr Philipp Brüning

Over the last few years, legislation specifically governing the handling of nanomaterials (NMs) has been steadily expanded within the EU (Fig. 1). ­One example is the Food Information Regulation, which requires that food ingredients in the form of “engineered nanomaterials” must be clearly indi­cated in the list of ingredients. To produce accurate labelling – and to inspect and assess this labelling – clear definitions are required, alongside...