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Scientist > Prof. Dr Ulrich Kulozik

Prof. Dr Ulrich Kulozik

// studied food technology at TU München, obtaining his doctorate in the field of membrane separation technology

// in 1991, he completed his habilitation in the specialist fields of food process engineering and bioprocess engineering

// Following a position as ­Department Manager for Research/Technology Transfer at Kraft Foods R&D in München from 1992 to 1999, he was appointed Head of the Department of Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology at TU München in 2000

Contact: laborundmore@succidia.de

Fractionation of functional peptides with ion-­exchange membrane adsorption chromatography

Separation via binding - von Prof. Dr Ulrich Kulozik, Elena Leeb

By deploying specific proteases for the enzymatic hydro­lysis of proteins, the release of peptides can be controlled. This process ­can be used to produce functional peptides, which may exhibit an ability to reduce blood pressure or have a surface-active function. The deployment of biofunctional peptides in food as an “added value” is only ­possible at sufficiently effective concentrations, ­however. Accordingly, processes are required that...