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Characterization of Algal Organic Matter and their Biofuels Potential in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Algae as Biodiesel Source - von Prof. Dr Fares M. Howari

The need for alternative fuel sources is urgent as evinced ­by the worldwide declining of ­major hydrocarbon reservoirs, the high demand on ­hydrocarbon and associated environmental ­problems. Algae based bio­fuels or biodiesel are among the strongest options to serve as an alter­native source of hydrocarbon. ­Biodiesel burns 50% cleaner than con­ventional petroleum-derived diesel [1] and can be used in any diesel engine with little to no...

Clenbuterol testing in doping control samples: drug abuse or food contamination?

Meat as a Doping Trap - von Prof. Dr Mario Thevis, Prof. Dr Wilhelm Schänzer

Clenbuterol, a ß<sub>...

Clenbuterol testing in doping control samples: drug abuse or food contamination?

Meat as a doping trap - von Prof. Dr Mario Thevis, Prof. Dr Wilhelm Schänzer

Clenbuterol, a ß<sup>...

Extending the genetic system

Code Identified - von Prof. Dr Thomas Carell

The genetic code encodes all of the information that each cell requires ­­to function and interact correctly with its environment. The code is ­constructed from four separate molecules, known as the “canonical” Watson-Crick bases, namely: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine. The genetic code arises from the sequence of these four bases – given ­as A, C, G and T – in the DNA double helix.

Non-target screening, suspected-target screening and target screening – of technologies and philosophies, databases and crafts

Detective work with molecular accuracy - von PD Dr Thomas Letzel

The three terms in the title, as well as “Known Unknowns” and “Unknown Unknowns” are new keywords that are currently con­fusing the analytical water scene. The procedure in use of just these ­technologies, however, often is not consistent yet. This article will now try to put the many different terms and approaches into some ­semblance of order. At the same time, it will report on pragmatic appli­cations.

Re-creating cardiac tissue

A Heart in a Petri Dish - von Prof. Dr Marko D. Mihovilovic

For medical research in the 21st century, regenerative medicine offers one of the most promising futures and prospects for further development. Revolutionary results have already been achieved by the efforts of genetic engineering, although ethical and regulatory aspects mean that such methods are unlikely to see widespread deployment.

A complementary approach is now being pursued by the application of small-molecule ­compounds: a rapidly growing...

Safe operation of laboratories

Requirements for the Technical Equipment - von David Miller

Safety and energy efficiency are today principal requirements for the ­technical equipment of labs. The safety of people in the workplace is of ­paramount importance and must be ensured at all times. This is particularly true for workplaces which are exposed to increased risks. This article ­describes the role of the ventilation and air conditioning technology in such an environment.

Aptamers as a new alternative to antibodies

Magnetic Attraction - von Dr Kurt Brunner

Within the European Union, measures to safeguard our food are becoming increasingly stringent: any constituents hazardous to health are either prohibited or ­permitted only as a trace. For analytics, ensuring compliance and monitoring for all of the statutory provisions safeguarding our food is a hugely challenging task. While immunotests have now been deployed successfully in rapid testing for the last three decades, aptamers have demonstrated increasing...

Biowastes: a new feedstock for the chemicals industry

Valuable Waste - von Dr Mark Gronnow, Dr Margaret Smallwood

The chemicals industry has been wedded to fossil resources for the ­past hundred and fifty years, but times are a-changing. As the price of ­oil ­increases inexorably and environmental impact rises on the policy and regulatory agenda, industry leaders are starting to exploit new, more ­sustainable feedstocks for the manufacture of fuel and chemicals. Squarely in the frame as potential feedstocks are the vast tonnages of ­biowastes produced each...

Data Visualization in Medicinal Chemistry

Hiking Trails in Activity Landscapes - von Prof. Dr Jürgen Bajorath

The massive growth of compound activity data provides opportunities and challenges for medicinal chemistry. Conventional approaches for the analysis of structure-­activity relationships (SARs) are not suitable for the exploration and exploitation of this unprecedented knowledge base. Recently, new computational methodologies have been introduced for large-scale SAR analysis that put emphasis on visualization to provide an intuitive access to complex...

Chemical synthesis of vaccines

An anti-cancer jab? - von Prof. Dr Horst Kunz, Sebastian Hartmann, Björn Palitzsch

*Vaccinations against disease: a blessing for humanity*

Food safety: new approaches to analysis

Sure, it tastes good - von Prof. Dr Dr Alfonso Lampen, Dr Thorsten Buhrke, Hermann Broll

Food safety is a requirement stipulated by Section 14 of EU Basic Regu­lation (EC) No. 178/2004. Food safety monitoring activities conducted by state inspection agencies ensure nationwide compliance with the high levels of food safety in Germany. As well as monitoring microbial loads in foodstuffs, the agencies also focus on a wide range of chemical contaminants, such as dioxins. Whether the foodstuffs have been contaminated with these kinds of potentially...

Instrumental and effect-directed analysis in the oxidative degradation of micropollutants

Pharmaceuticals in wastewater - von Dr Jochen Türk

Occurance and fate of micropollutants, metabolites and transformation products in the water cycle is placing increasingly higher demands on instrumental analysis in terms of resolution and sensitivity. As yet, effect-directed analysis methods play a subordinate role in water analysis work. Yet for evaluating unknown samples or ingredients, these methods form a perfect complement to instrument-based identification. Indeed, in the detection of estrogenically...
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