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Combinatorial explosion in the separation sciences

von Prof. Dr. Gérard Hopfgartner

In the analytical sciences one of the major goals is to develop and validate methods for the identi­fication and quantification of molecules in complex samples, in order to support investigations in the pharmaceutical sciences, environmental sciences, food sciences, biology and medicine. A typical workflow consists in isolating the analyte from the matrix, separating it from other similar constituents and selectively identifying them. One of the...

How can we safeguard the quality of our beer?

From the barley to the bottle - von Prof. Dr Michael Rychlik, Katharina Hofer, Dr Martina Gastl, Katharina Habler, Cajetan Geißinger, Dr Michael Hess

Beer is an integral part of German culture. Not only because of the German "Beer Purity Law" (Reinheitsgebot) it is that we associate the drink with ­concepts such as “traditional”, “wholesome” and “additive-free”. As a cereal product, however, beer is subject to the same conditions that affect the cultivation, storage and ­processing of other cereal crops. One of the problems with which almost all ­cereal products are confronted is...

Organic electronics for sensor applications

Served on a chip - von Dr Michael Thomschke

Intelligent, portable medical equipment is essential for the provision of rapid and straightforward point-of-care patient diagnostics. In an emergency, lab-on-chip applications in portable devices can help to save valuable time and cut the costs of clinical laboratory analysis. Other application areas in non-invasive medical monitoring such as pulse oximetry also stand to benefit [1].

Tracking down the secrets of photosynthesis

Mini solar power stations - von Prof. Dr Athina Zouni, Prof. Dr Frank Müh

During photosynthesis, water is converted into oxygen, transforming sunlight ­into ­chemically usable energy. The precise details of the mechanisms behind this solar-­powered splitting of water remain ­unknown and are now being ­investigated with advanced techniques in structural analysis. ­­This work ­requires the availability of high-quality crystals of the all-important protein complex, photosystem II, whose ­ growth poses several challenges...

L&M int. 2 / 2015

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