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Gronnow, Mark, Dr

Habets, Leo, Dr

// oncologist, Aachen, Germany.

Habler, Katharina

(centre) // studied food chemistry at TUM and has been a doctoral student at the Chair of Analytical Food Chemistry (TUM) since 2013 // Her research focuses on the analysis (LC-MS/MS) of mycotoxins in barley, malt and beer // After having completed his ­apprenticeship as a brewer and maltster

Haddad, Nizar, Dr

// Director of the Bee Research Department at the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension, manages the use of HOBOS in the Near East and North Africa Region

Harbrecht, Isabelle

born 1983, graduated in East-Asian Area Studies from University of Cologne, Germany. During her studies she focused on politics, economics and culture in PR China and has been living in Shanghai for the past years. After working at the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation in Shanghai three years, she is now the Managing Director of the TU Darmstadt Liaison Office at Tongji University. Fluent in German, English and Mandarin, she connects people and projects in Shanghai and Darmstadt. Together with her counterpart at TU Darmstadt, Corinna Caspar-Terizakis, Managing Director of the Strategic Partnership with Tongji University, Isabelle Harbrecht coordinates the different projects, facilitates the communication and establishes the ties with international companies and other stakeholders in Shanghai and China.

Hartmann, Sebastian

// was born in 1984 in Dillingen a.?d. Donau and studied Biomedicinal Chemistry at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz // In 2010, he completed his Diplom thesis in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, entitled “Synthesis and Multivalent Presentation of MUC1 Antigen Structures on Particulate Carriers” // Since January 2011, he has been working in Professor Kunz’s study group on experiments for his doctoral thesis in the field of synthetic glycopeptide vaccines

Heinze, Thomas, Prof. Dr

// studied chemistry at FSU Jena // After receiving his doctorate there in 1985 and subsequent postdoc work, he completed his habilitation at KU Leuven (Belgium) in 1997 // In 2001, he accepted a professorship in Macromolecular Chemistry at the University of Wuppertal (Germany) // He has held a chair in Organic Chemistry at FSU Jena since 2002, where he is the Director of its Center of Excellence for Polysaccharide Research // His research focuses on the development of polysaccharide materials for applications in biology, medicine and technology

Herrmann, Bernd, Prof. Dr

// Until his retirement in 2011, // Dr. Bernd Herrmann was the Head of the Department of Historical Anthropology and Human Biology at Göttingen University, where he set up the Biological Trace Analysis degree course programme

Herrmann, Luise

// graduated in food chemistry from the University of Hamburg in 2010 // Her Diplom thesis investigated the use of protein patterns to differentiate between wheat and spelt ­samples // Following graduation, she divided work in her practical year between Nantes (France) and Hamburg // Since May 2011, she has been studying for her doctoral degree at the University of ­Hamburg's Institute for Food Chemistry // Her work focuses on verifying the authenticity of cocoa varieties, and designing DNA-based methods to differentiate between the fine/flavour cocoa Arriba and the bulk cocoa CCN 51

Hess, Michael, Dr

// studied agricultural science at Technische Universität München (Weihenstephan campus) and received his doctorate in phytomedicine from the Chair of Phytopathology // After a ­period of working in the plant protection industry, he returned to the Chair in 2003, where he has since managed several national and international projects and joint ventures connecting basic research and applications // As a principal investigator in ­epidemiology, his work focuses on the diagnosis and control of diseases affecting cereals, maize, ­cucumbers and peas // This research involves ­expanding existing plant protection systems while also modifying them to face the new challenges of changing economic conditions and climate change // Since 2006 he is focussing in particular on the end-to-end quality management of brewer’s barley, from cultivation through to final processing

Hofbauer, Harald F., Dr

// studied chemistry at the University of Graz, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology, and obtained his doctorate there in 2012 within the “Molecular Enzymology” PhD programme in the Kohlwein lab // Following several periods of research abroad at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Susan A. Henry lab) and postdoctoral research work in the Kohlwein lab, Harald Hofbauer is currently working in the Ernst lab at Goethe University Frankfurt’s Buchmann Institute for Molecular Life Sciences // Here, his research interests are currently focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying fatty acid-induced lipotoxicity

Hofer, Katharina

(left) // is a doctoral student in the Chair of Phytopathology at TUM // She completed her undergraduate studies in land usage and followed this with a master’s in agricultural science // Her research since then has included work on the Fusarium complex in barley

Hopfgartner, Gérard, Prof. Dr.

// studied chemistry at the University of Geneva and received his Ph.D. degree in 1991 in the field of organic ­geochemistry and mass spectrometry // He ­pursued his formation as a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University in the domain of atmospheric pressure ionisation LC-MS/MS // Then in 1992 he joined the DMPK Department of ­F.Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel where he was in charge of the bioanalytical section // Since April 2002 he is full Professor for analytical sciences and mass spectrometry at the University of ­Geneva // His scientific interests include the ­application and the development of novel mass spectrometry approaches with and without chromatography in the field of life sciences in particular, metabolomics, analytical proteomics, Qual-Quant bioanalysis and toxicology

Howari, Fares M., Prof. Dr

// was born in Jordan and studied Environmental and Earth Sciences at ­Yarmouk University, and the University of Texas at El Paso // He completed his PhD in 2000/01 from UTEP; then he became a naturalized United States citizen // He worked as post-doc at the Texas ­A and M University, and then joined UAE University where here served as assistant and then ­associate professor of environmental sciences // After that, he served as a professor of environmental sciences and engineering; and coordinator of environmental sciences ­program at the University of Texas (UTPB) // He also joined the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy as Middle East program coordinator, and as an Environmental Scientist at the Bureau of Economic Geology at the ­University of Texas at Austin // Currently he serves as ­Professor and Chair of the Department of ­Applied Sciences and Mathematics at Abu Dhabi University, and Director of Abu Dhabi University Center of Excellence of Environment, Health and Safety // He started his carrier working on technical issues of soil, water and the environment, and evolved to coordinate, and direct large research programs; his interest emerged to include policy and social ­aspects of natural resources management // In 2004, he received recognition award from Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the UAE, and in 2008, he received the Bureau of Economic Geology, Texas Author Achievement Award

Jena, Carl ZEISS Microscopy

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